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2017 Sun Life Stop-Loss research report
What are the latest top 10 catastrophic claims conditions?

In Issue 1, find out about the catastrophic claims conditions, million-dollar+ claimants, and more.


Voluntary Benefits Survey
In a recent survey of 1,000 full-time employees, Sun Life found that 54% don’t know their out-of-pocket maximum, and 33% don’t know their deductible. Nearly two in three employees are concerned about the ability to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Here you can view the full survey results, and read our white paper that offers in depth analysis and considerations for effectively communicating voluntary benefits.

2016 Sun Life Stop-Loss Research Report
What are the latest top ten stop-loss catastrophic claims conditions?

Find out about the conditions that added up to $2.3B in stop-loss claims reimbursements, the new #6 condition, key factors that affect employer costs, and more.

Meeting the Challenges of Absence and Disability Management
Do you have an integrated plan for absence and disability management?

Absences can cost employers over 15% of payroll with replacement workers 31% less productive than the replaced employees. Costs for not complying with the ADA and FMLA can be in the millions. Be sure to read our new white paper that provides key information about managing absences and disabilities to learn what you need to do to control the absence management process and comply with complex legal requirements.

Self-Funded Playbook
Are you a self-funded newbie or pro?

Either way, you'll find tips you can use immediately in the Self-Funded Playbook. It provides guidance for employers to help them make key decisions in funding arrangements, claims administration, and stop-loss insurance.


2015 Sun Life Stop-Loss research report
What are the latest top ten stop-loss catastrophic claims?

Learn about the top ten, the condition that's on the move, how self-insured employers can navigate the costs, and more.


Wow—high school sports participation in the U.S. is on the rise;
Whoops—we're seeing a lot of sports injuries!
See our new infographics on sports related injuries

High school sports participation has grown nationally since 1989 with over 7.7 million kids participating in sports for the 2012–2013 school year. This is good news, but it comes at a cost.

2014 Sun Life Stop-Loss research report
Download the 2014 Sun Life Stop-Loss research report, "Top Ten Catastrophic Claims Conditions"

Learn about the top ten, find out what type of claim has increased by over 1,000%, read about ways self-insured employers can manage claims' costs, and more.


2028 & beyond: the future of work and benefits
Exclusive to Sun Life, Dow Jones Content Lab's "The Future of Work and Benefits"

Sun Life asked Dow Jones Content Lab to look at the workplace of 2028. What will work be like in the future? What will benefits look like?

Special issue: Psychology Today — talking 'bout the generations!
This Psychology Today special HR issue is brought to you by Sun Life.

Sun Life asked Psychology Today Magazine to report on issues relevant to today's HR people: how to talk to three different generations in the workplace, seven surprising truths about Gen-Xers, "analysis paralysis," and more.

Generational cheat sheet:  your workforce at a glance
"Bridging the Big Divide" is brought to you by Sun Life Financial and Psychology Today

Our Psychology Today exclusive cheat sheet helps you understand the three generations in today's workplace.