Sun Life Stop-Loss Benchmark

SLPC 26722 10/17 (exp. 10/19)

You know the moment when something complex suddenly becomes clear? The “ah-ha” moment. That’s what Sun Life Stop-Loss Benchmark can do for you.

Sun Life Stop-Loss Benchmark is a customized view of the self-insured marketplace. It helps making decisions about stop-loss coverage so much easier because it provides relevant data you and your broker can use immediately.

Request a Sun Life Stop-Loss Benchmark report with each RFP
Ask your broker to get a Sun Life Stop-Loss Benchmark report with the proposal for Sun Life Stop-Loss. Already a Sun Life Stop-Loss customer? We automatically include a report with every Sun Life Stop-Loss renewal.

To create the report, we use the group’s census combined with marketplace data. Inside the report, find the insight you need. You can easily:

  • Analyze your group’s demographics and risk profile
  • Gain knowledge of stop-loss coverage trends for your industry peers
  • And more

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