Client journeys

  • After an ER physician injured her hip, she received disability insurance from Sun Life Financial. Not only did Sun Life provide financial protection, our vocational rehabilitation counselors helped Julie find a new job, in a new state.

  • After an Arizona man suffered a disabling medical condition, Sun Life's rehabilitation counselors supported his efforts to return to work and to enjoy his life fully.

  • Jim's Story

    Robberies are a rare occurrence at Dollar Bank's 50+ branches in western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. However, these incidences do happen. Whether it's a note passed quietly to a teller or a gun is drawn, Jim Giel, AVP of Benefits, knows his employees can count on immediate counseling through the Critical Incidence Stress Debriefing Assistance he receives as a Sun Life customer.

    After a robbery, the Branch Manager immediately calls Sun Life's partner and EAP provider—ComPsych Corporation—and a counselor can be on-site within a few hours for group and individual counseling. Employees can receive additional, individual sessions if necessary. The fact that his employees can count on that immediate assistance, and not have to wait 24 or 48 hours, is what makes Sun Life and ComPsych valuable to Jim and his company.

    Dollar Bank has been a Sun Life customer since 2008, when they purchased coverage for Group Life and EAP Essential. EAP services are provided through Sun Life's partner, ComPsych Corporation.

  • Sun Life helps people protect what they love about their lives. Learn how our Group Life and Disability solutions made all the difference for the Keating family.

  • Tom's Story

    Tom* and his friends traveled from Ohio to Alaska for a two-week fishing excursion when Tom sustained a terrible ankle fracture after stepping on a large rock while getting out of his truck. His friends helped him back into the truck and with no idea where to go. Tom knew that his Sun Life Group Life coverage included Emergency Travel Assistance, so Tom advised them to call Assist America. They were directed to the nearest emergency room where Tom's ankle was set and bandaged, and Tom's treating doctors advised him that he would be unable to walk for six to eight weeks.

    So that Tom could get some much needed rest and begin his recovery, Assist America arranged and paid for him to return home to Ohio via business class commercial carrier, accompanied by a non-medical escort who provided wheelchair assistance at both airports. He arrived home to Ohio safe and sound, grateful that Sun Life provided this valuable service.

    *name changed to protect privacy

  • When Vanessa realized she needed a workplace accommodation to help her do her job, she knew she could count on her employer.