Investor toolkit

Sun Life’s investor toolkit is intended to help investors gain insight into our business strategies, financial results and other key facts about our company.

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Sun Life’s 4 pillar strategy

Our business strategy is concentrated on businesses that we expect will generate strong growth, a higher return on equity and lower volatility. The Company will concentrate its resources on 4 pillars of growth. The growth strategy includes:

  • Becoming the best performing life insurer in Canada
  • Enhancing a leadership position in U.S. group insurance and become top 5 in voluntary benefits
  • Growing our asset management businesses globally
  • Growing Asia to be a more significant part of Sun Life's results
Continuing Operations
C$ millions
1, 2
(unless otherwise noted)
Q1 2014
Q4 2013
Q1 2013
Full Year 2012
Full Year 2013
Operating net income 3 454 642 448 1,479 1,943
Reported net income 400 571 410 1,374 1,696
Underlying net income 3 440 375 385 1,271 1,581
Diluted Operating EPS ($) 0.74 1.05 0.75 2.49 3.21
Diluted Underlying EPS ($) 0.72 0.61 0.64 2.14 2.61
Operating ROE 3 4 12.0% 17.7% 15.8% 12.5% 14.8%
Underlying ROE 3 11.6%        
MCCSR 5 221% 219% 214% 209% 219%
Premiums and deposits 6 32,710 30,749 30,473 112,361 129,077
Number of common shares outstanding (in millions) 610.6 609.4 603.0 599.6 609.4
Dividend per share 0.36 0.36 0.36 1.44 1.44

1 All numbers unaudited. All numbers in Canadian dollars $ millions, unless otherwise noted.
2 Effective August 1, 2013 we completed the sale of our U.S. annuities business and certain of our U.S. life insurance businesses (collectively, our “U.S. Annuity Business”). As a result of this transaction, we have defined our U.S. Annuity Business as “Discontinued Operations”, the remaining operations as “Continuing Operations”, and the total Discontinued Operations and Continuing Operations as “Combined Operations”.
3 Operating net income (loss) and financial information based on operating net income (loss), such as operating earnings (loss) per share (“EPS”), operating return on equity (“ROE”), underlying net income (loss), underlying earnings (loss) per share and underlying ROE are not based on International Financial Reporting Standards. All EPS measures refer to diluted EPS, unless otherwise stated. Beginning this quarter we are disclosing underlying net income (loss), which replaces operating net income (loss) excluding the net impact of market factors that was reported in prior quarters.
4 Measures derived from equity are presented on a Combined Operations basis.
5 Minimum Continuing Capital and Surplus Requirements (MCCSR) ratio of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada.
6 Premiums and deposits represents a non-IFRS financial measure.