MFS Investment Management

As you’d expect from the oldest mutual fund company in the U.S., MFS Investment Management has accomplished much over its long history. That list of accomplishments includes the invention of the open end mutual fund in 1924 and the establishment of one of the first in-house research groups in the industry. This focus on in-depth research by experienced analysts is a cornerstone of their success today.

A part of Sun Life since 1982, MFS currently manages assets for investors worldwide. The Boston-based investment management firm has research and sales / service offices in key locations around the world, including Dubai, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Mexico City, London, Paris, Sào Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.

MFS distributes its institutional and mutual fund products on a global basis through foundations and endowments as well as through financial planners and advisors at banks, brokerages, insurance companies and other financial services companies.

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Products and services
MFS offers: