Naveen Yadav, Manager, U.S. Group, New Business Contracts, ASC - India
I have been with Sun Life Financial Asia Service Centre - India for almost 5 years now and every day is a new learning experience. Sun Life Financial has given me immense opportunities to grow along with empowering me to take ownership and make decisions. I am extremely proud to be a part of this organization, where each employee carries a great amount of energy and is passionate about his/ her work.

Gaurav Anand, Senior Analyst, Broker Dealer Systems, ASC - India
I often thought that I was like a tiny ‘MARIO’ wandering in the world of Information Technology before I hit the ‘lucky bubble of Sun Life Financial’. It immediately transformed me into a ‘SUPER MARIO’, who is now big on ambition, knowledge and life. Thanks to Sun Life Financial!

Sandesh Vasudev, Assistant Manager, Claims Fast Forward Indexing, ASC - India
My journey with Sun Life Financial Asia Service Centre - India has been a wonderful transformation for me. When I look back, I remember seniors who were perfect mentors, guiding me every time, colleagues who were very friendly and true team players. They offered me support every time I reached out to them for help.

Meenakshi Chaudhary, Specialist, Business System Analyst, ASC - India
I’ve had enormous learning all these years coupled with great camaraderie with everyone - fellow colleagues, seniors & onsite partners - it’s just been great. The hallmark of working at Sun Life Financial is the work-life balance and multi-site equality which it promotes. In addition to these, the flexible shifts are a great bonus.

Michael Angelo Palacio, Manager, Enterprise Services, ASC - Philippines
When you are on your desk, take a quick look around you and ask (if you don’t know yet), how many years have these people been with Sun Life?
In my area, a cursory survey would reveal an impressive amount of tenure: 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, and one is having his 20th year anniversary in Sun Life! All I can say is, WOW! For these people to have stayed that long says a LOT about this company. It’s not just liking the work that we do here. Nor just the family environment and loving people that we work with. It’s not just even having a competitive compensation package and a great benefits plan (rice subsidy and clothing allowances included). It’s having Sun Life permeate in our personal lives. Work has become a passion and a continuous drive to improve. And even our company sports activities have become our inspirations to excel. This company has also gone the extra mile for its employees. Who can forget how Sun Life has helped its charges during massive floodings and destructive storms, without a moment’s thought? That singular act alone convinced me that this company offers more than what others can provide.
No wonder people stay here. And they choose to stay. And I for one, will too.

Rhoneil B Aguirre, Head, Application Delivery and Support Services, ASC - Philippines
All in all, my stay with Asia Service Centre - Philippines at Sun Life Financial has been a rewarding experience. It made me realize that my decision to go to Sun Life 10 years ago was the right choice!

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