Employee engagement

The Asia Service Centres (ASC) have a vibrant and energetic work environment including fun, health, sports and corporate social responsibility clubs, which are driven by employee volunteers. Throughout the year, the employees are engaged in activities that act as stress busters, allowing them to have some fun at work.

Employees at the ASC are equally passionate about volunteering for social causes and community service. We manage the company and its internal environment and culture, in a way that is challenging, fair and equitable. At the ASC, we maintain a caring attitude for our people because we believe that they will carry forth and share the same attitude in their communities.

Bearing in mind our strong belief that corporate citizenship starts within the company, ASC - Philippines introduced the S.H.A.R.E.S Program (Sharing Hope and Resources for Education and Social Services) in 1992 to alleviate the plight of the needy and disadvantaged members of the Philippines society. Tree plantation drive, blood donation weeks, fund raising for education and research are a few of the corporate responsibility initiatives organized at the ASC every year.

We foster an interesting Sunnovation committee at the Asia Service Centre - India, allowing employees to share their innovative ideas to make the processes and operations more efficient and effective. The Sunnovation champs across functions are recognized and rewarded for their brilliant ideas and efforts.

With such an engaging work culture, employees enjoy coming to work every day under the sun.

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