Employees are our greatest source of competitive advantage. Our talented resources can’t be duplicated.It’s our people, and the best-in-class services they provide, which sets us apart from the crowd.

Competitive compensation
We review and participate in salary surveys, watch marketing trends and monitor our employee contributions to offer competitive compensation packages.

Pay for performance
Every employee has a share in the success of the Asia Service Centres at Sun Life Financial. Performance bonuses are awarded based on the overall performance of the organization, the performance of the Asia Service Centres in India and the Philippines respectively along with the individual performance. Appraisals are conducted annually based on an employee’s individual performance rating.

Reward and recognition
At Asia Service Centres, we believe that hard work, dedication and achievements should be celebrated and acknowledged. Through your performance, you will be able to directly influence your compensation. We reward exceptional job performance and provide support that would help you to accomplish goals. As a result, we give out on-the-spot, quarterly and annual awards to employees, managers and teams for their valuable contributions to the success of Sun Life Financial.

Global career framework
The global career framework establishes a clear and consistent career structure throughout the organization to provide future growth and to support our multi-site locations. Since Sun Life Financial is a multinational company with offices all over the world, our training does not remain confined to the 4 walls of our local office. As needed, we send our employees to other offices around the world so that they can share and learn best practices from their counterparts.

Employee education assistance
Sun Life Financial is committed to developing and sustaining a highly skilled workforce by supporting learning and development for our people. The Asia Service Centres support employees in continuing their formal, accredited education for professional development.

Employee engagement
The Asia Service Centres organize various events, sports and fun activities throughout the year to keep employees engaged and involved. Employees drive clubs, which organize a host of sports and health and wellness activities. Employee volunteers also steer many corporate social responsibility initiatives, passionately contributing to community service and social causes.

We offer a term life, group medical coverage and pension plan.

Other benefits
Loan programs for education and the purchase of cars are provided to selected employees.

Training programs
At Asia Service Centres, as a new hire, you will undergo a comprehensive on-boarding program to facilitate your adjustment to your new workplace. You will also receive training based on your specific role as well as your functional area. Throughout your career at Sun Life Financial, you will have access to many skill based and personal development programs. You can participate in our industry-designation program to become a certified specialist in the insurance industry by taking courses through the Life Office Management Association (LOMA), an international insurance industry designation program.

Business hours
At the Asia Service Centres, we offer multiple shifts to support our business in multiple time zones around the clock.

Vacation and Leaves
The Asia Service Centres provide adequate vacation time and leaves to all its employees to maintain a healthy work–life balance.

Job postings
Take a look at the opportunities that are available or fill out a career profile and receive notifications for future job postings. Find out why life's brighter at the Asia Service Centres.

Job postings

Take a look at the opportunities that are available or fill out a career profile and receive notifications for future job postings.Find out why life's brighter at the Asia Service Centres.

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