Investments & retirement savings

We all have hopes for the future. Turning these goals into reality takes more than wishful thinking. Whether your investment objectives are short or long term, a plan can help you get there.

Today, life takes more planning than ever. We’re healthier and living longer, more active lives. Outliving one’s savings is an ever-growing concern.

That’s where Sun Life comes in. We offer a range of individual and group annuity, retirement and investment income products and services. You can choose what you need to make it happen for you, in your way, and build a financial plan customized to your unique needs.

Our individual investment and retirement savings solutions provide people worldwide the ability to secure their financial futures. Our group investment and retirement plans let employers offer attractive packages to attract and retain talent.

Our investment options for individuals and groups in various regions throughout the world include mutual and pooled funds, annuities, savings, retirement and pension plans, and even education savings plans to help you comfortably navigate through life feeling financially secure.

Let Sun Life help you ensure your future is bright.