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Organizational resilience

We believe that our organization will remain competitive, resilient and forward-thinking by:

  • Focusing resources and energy on Employee and leadership development.
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion in our workforce to better serve the evolving needs of Clients and reflect the communities in which we operate.
  • Striving to understand Client needs and how we can deliver the best Client experience at key touchpoints in each of our markets worldwide.
  • Supporting our people with ethical policies.

Organizational snapshot1

Employees who are proud to work at Sun Life

Middle management and above are women

Female directors on our Board

Global employee turnover rate

Average employee tenure

1 2014 Global Engagement Survey

Employee and leadership development programs

We’re creating an environment where our Employees are equipped and inspired to shine, by offering development opportunities at every level. From customized programs to tuition assistance for ongoing education and professional development, we’re committed to building the best team for today and tomorrow.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are core to our values at Sun Life. Our business practices and commitment to diversity of all kinds is reflected throughout the enterprise. In 2015, we introduced a strengthened diversity and inclusion framework to guide our efforts and help us attract and retain Employees whose values align with our high-performance culture.

Across the company, we’re placing greater emphasis on diversity in recruiting, talent development, benefit programs and other key talent practices. We’re supporting Employee inclusion and we’ve instituted diversity requirements for our suppliers and vendors. Senior leaders are also focusing on specific actions to enhance diversity and inclusiveness in their business areas.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Sun Life.

Recognition and rewards

We believe in recognizing and rewarding Employees who help create outstanding outcomes for our company, Clients and communities.

Our most prestigious recognition program is the annual CEO’s Award of Excellence. Presented to individuals and teams around the world, this award recognizes Sun Life’s “best of the best” — Employees who make tremendous contributions to our business.

In addition, every Sun Life Employee receives a competitive Total Rewards package. The overall value of each Total Rewards package – including the opportunity for annual base salary increases and incentive awards – relates directly to progress against individual performance goals and Sun Life’s business priorities and financial results.

Our robust recognition and rewards approach is one of the reasons Sun Life has been recognized as a great place to work. In 2015, Sun Life Financial Philippines was awarded Employer of the Year Award and in Canada, Sun Life was recognized as one of the Top Employers for Young People. We also received Excellence Canada’s platinum award, which recognizes the nation’s best-run corporations in leadership, strategy, Client experience and people engagement.

Employee engagement

Highly engaged and motivated Employees are critical to our performance culture and business success. That’s why every 2 years we work with a 3rd-party research company to conduct our Global Engagement Survey, which measures the degree to which Employees are invested in Sun Life and motivated to contribute their best.

The survey invites direct, honest feedback from Employees about several facets of their work experience, and produces a score we refer to as our engagement index. At 75%, our latest engagement index increased 6% over 2012 and 9% over 2010. This steady increase in engagement suggests our efforts to create a positive and rewarding Employee experience are working.

Learn more about careers at Sun Life.

Our commitment to Clients

For more than 150 years, Sun Life has dedicated itself to Client relationships. Our success has depended upon our ability to earn our Clients’ trust and understand their needs and expectations, and to ensure our representatives respect the Client experience.

That commitment extends throughout the organization, from Client-facing team members to those whose roles are internally focused. All Employees are challenged to focus on meeting our Clients’ needs in a manner suited to their preferences.

Enhancing our Client-focused mindset

In 2015 we expanded our Lean Six Sigma program across the enterprise. Called The Brighter Way, this program builds the problem-solving and coaching capabilities of our Employees, and contributes to our Client-focused, continuous improvement mindset. Teams that have undergone The Brighter Way training use what they’ve learned to generate ideas with the potential of making a real, positive impact on our business.

Keeping Client information safe

Our long-term relationships with our Clients mean we are entrusted with sensitive and comprehensive knowledge about them and their needs. This is why we’re committed to protecting the confidentiality of our Clients’ personal information. Our Global Privacy Commitment outlines principles that help ensure our Clients’ personal information remains private and confidential. In certain countries, our Global Privacy Commitment is supplemented by additional privacy policies or codes that reflect the legislative requirements of those countries.

2015 Sustainability Report

Learn more about the ways we’re strengthening our organization resilience by downloading the full 2015 Sustainability Report.

  Download the full Sustainability Report