Our commitment

At Sun Life Financial, sustainability is defined as taking accountability for our environmental, social and governance practices in ways that deliver value to our customers, employees, shareholders and communities. Our focus on sustainability reflects the long-term nature of commitments we make to our customers, strengthens the company, and positions future generations to meet their needs.

Our commitment focuses on several main areas:

Ensuring strong corporate governance

Our approach to corporate governance is founded on 150 years of guiding our customers’ financial futures. We have developed processes that ensure consistent governance throughout Sun Life.

Our Board of Directors strives for continual improvement in its corporate governance processes and practices, contributing to Sun Life’s long-term success.

Healthier lifestyles, healthier futures

Sun Life focuses on programs to help fight disease and improve wellness around the world.

In 2013, together with our international partners, we contributed significantly to various initiatives such as diabetes prevention.

Investing in arts and culture

We believe that arts and culture make a tremendous contribution to our communities.

In 2013, Sun Life provided almost $2 million to continue our support of arts and culture.

Investing in knowledge – the foundation for a stronger future

We invest in education and learning across a variety of financial, academic and theoretical disciplines, such as the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada.

In the U.S., our Sun Life Rising Stars Awards program continued to provide grants to non-profit organizations and scholarships to deserving students across the country.

The Sun Life Financial Philippines Foundation supports and enhances programs of importance to Filipinos, including health, education and social improvements.

In Indonesia, Sun Life partnered with CARE for the Nation, an organization that aims to improve the financial literacy of students aged 16 to 18 in local schools.

Investing in our communities

Sun Life continues to support charitable, non-profit and community programs around the world.

In Canada, we have supported United Way for more than 70 years. United Way is one of the largest providers of funds to the volunteer and social service sector in the country. In 2014, we will receive a "Thanks a Million" award for the 11th consecutive year recognizing our efforts in generating more than $1 million in donations. Our donations help support the United Way’s network of agencies across the country and other charitable organizations.

In the U.S. we continue our support across the nation, including Boston Cares' “Community Day Care” in Boston, Massachusetts.

In the Philippines, Sun Life Financial Philippines Foundation Inc. created the Brighter World Campaign, as a way to strengthen national donations with a focus around education, health and well-being and social improvements.

In the U.K., The Brighter Life Community Programme funds charity and community groups across Hampshire and Gloucestershire, focusing on health, education and arts and cultural projects.

In Asia, Sun Life Hong Kong’s volunteer group, Sun Life Shining Action, supports a wide range of charities and organizations.

Sun Life Everbright (SLEB) in China’s SLEB Walk, supported by the State General Administration of Sport, promotes low-carbon, green and healthy lifestyles.

Environmental sustainability

Our sustainable environmental practices continue to be an area of focus. We have taken steps to advance environmental sustainability within our own operations and on a global level.

We’re honoured to be one of the 2014 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World for managing social, environmental and governance issues.

Read more about these priorities in the Sustainability section.

We’re proud that we are helping to make a difference around the world. Read our achievements to see the awards and recognition that Sun Life, our employees and our global partners have received.