CEO message

Our 2013 Public Accountability Statement

A message from the president & CEO

Dean Connor We’re pleased to present our Public Accountability Statement (PAS) and have now made it available on our website.

Over the decades, we’ve contributed millions of dollars to health, arts and culture, education, social services, and many other important causes in the communities where we operate. We’ve been honoured with a number of major awards, including the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the world for 8 years. Now, we’re taking an even stronger step forward, making an even bigger commitment to running our business with sustainability at the forefront.

Paired with our 4 pillar growth strategy, our sustainability strategy enables us to strengthen our customer focus, deepen employee engagement, improve our sustainability reporting and tighten the alignment of our businesses with our sustainability agenda. It will also help us more accurately measure progress against our peers.

Reporting of our sustainability efforts and achievements will follow the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), whose mission is to make sustainability reporting standard practice for all organizations. We also continue to deepen our relationships with global third-party organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative – a partnership that reinforces our commitment to operate as a sustainable company that delivers value to its stakeholders, today and into the future. Additionally, our Board’s Governance, Nomination and Investment Committee is extremely engaged in our sustainability efforts, and plays a continuing role in guiding that agenda.

Sustainability is absolutely core to our mission of helping customers achieve lifetime financial security. I invite you to read our 2013 PAS and hope you’ll join us on the journey as we establish our sustainability strategy, one that ensures we at Sun Life are always working to making life brighter.

Dean Connor
President & Chief Executive Officer