Policies & publications

Sun Life Financial company information

We offer a number of corporate publications to inform the public of our business practices around the world, and the efforts we make to ensure we are good corporate citizens.

  • Adobe PDF document 2016 Investor presentation: We are a strong, well-capitalized company. This fact sheet outlines our continued strength in today's global economy.
  • Sun Life At a Glance: This company profile provides a snapshot of our organization, including our recent financial performance and our operations around the world.
  • Public Accountability Statement: This document highlights the many philanthropic, social and community programs we support.

Corporate governance materials

We are committed to operating ethically and transparently in all we do. We’ve adopted corporate governance policies that reflect the business integrity and accountability at the foundation of our company.

Sun Life’s Board of Directors regularly reviews and assesses its corporate governance processes and guidelines. The policies listed below set out their responsibilities to Sun Life, and guide their practices.

  • Adobe PDF document Charter of the Board of Directors: This document provides detailed information about the duties and responsibilities, position descriptions, and practices and policies of the Board of Directors.
  • Adobe PDF document Director Independence Policy: This policy outlines our standards and processes for determining the independence of our directors.
  • Adobe PDF document Management Information Circular: This circular is prepared annually and contains information on corporate governance, reports from the Board committees and other shareholder information relevant to the annual meetings.

Sun Life’s approach to the business conduct of our employees, officers and directors is based on ethical behaviour, adhering to business standards, integrity and respect. This approach to business is captured in the document below:

  • Adobe PDF document Sun Life Financial Code of Business Conduct details the minimum conduct standards for our employees, officers and directors around the world. Every year, they are required to read and commit to these standards of business behaviour.

Investor, shareholder and policyholder information

  • 2015 Annual Report: The most recent Annual Report summarizes our operating and financial performance for the year, and the value we deliver to our shareholders.
  • Quarterly reports: Find out about our quarterly business and financial results and in-depth information for shareholders.
  • Participating and adjustable policyholder information: Get information about participating policyholder dividends and bonuses and learn about how participating accounts are managed. Also learn about the criteria used to assess changes in adjustable policy values.